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How Hubs and I Met (A Tinderella Story)

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

Why would you care about how I met my husband? Well this isn't a meet cute kind of story. It's juicy and a bit taboo. So sit back with your popcorn and enjoy.

We met on Tinder. Not very classy but not shocking either. I know, I know you want me to get to the juicy and taboo parts. So let's get to it.

The TLDR version he was actively going through a divorce when we met and I got pregnant roughly 6 months into our relationship. Scandalous, am I right?

Now before anyone gets any ideas their relationship was most certainly over and it was not because of me. Just to be clear. However, he was still fresh from his feels and just trying to get back out there.

And I had just moved to Atlanta from Oklahoma City. Big scary city and I knew not one soul. I was excited for the possibilities this move for work could present but it was all a bit overwhelming and extremely lonely at times. So mama was on the prowl. RAWR.

Why Tinder? Well, I think we know why for him and well I'm a busy modem woman, who also likes to cum. I said cum. Is that too much? Oh, I said it again! This is a mommy blog right? I guess it's not one of the classier apps but aren't we all using them for the same reason, really?

When we matched we started chatting constantly. Mainly talking about magic the gathering, movies and music at first. You know all the fun get to know ya stuff. I remember used to stare at his pics and daydream to get me through the work day. I'm a goober, I know.

When we finally met in person he was just as charming in real life. And I looked like my pictures. We hit it off right away. There was a lot of chemistry. Wink, wink. And we pretty much spent mostly every day together after that date.

That being said while youngish and as in love as we were certainly not trying to have a baby. But we weren't being as careful as we could have been, either.

I remember being very nauseous and kept getting dizzy spells, along with cramping. I thought I had a stomach bug. It was the beginning of the covid-lockdowns. Do I have covid? Am I gonna die?

My period was over 2 months late.

It seems so dumb that I didn't think I was pregnant. But you have to understand that I have PCOS and my periods are normally very irregular. I would sometimes go 6 months without having a period. I had had the experience of trying to conceive for years in a past relationship only to be met with heartache after heartache. The thought of actually being pregnant seemed impossible to me.

He finally convinced me to take a test after I rebuffed him too many times. It would be a waste of money. My periods are just wonky. I know it's negative... That's it. Anything to never see another negative pregnancy test again. Yep, sound logic.

That sucker was positive before I finish peeing on it.

After some serious heart to hearts we made a pact to see this through and it's been the best decision ever made.

Announcing the news was a bit awkward as you can guess. His divorce was final just 3 months prior and his family knew nothing of me. Oh, did I mention he's a first generation Taiwanese American and I'm a white girl? Yeah, So there is that, too.

I love my in-laws though. Our daughter could not have better grandparents.

We didn't get married shot gun style. And I think that was the right decision at the time. Our daughter is 2 and ½ now. We are still going strong though. We even made it official this year and tied the knot. So we feel like we must be doing something right here.

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