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Mac and Cheese Reviews #1: Kraft Microwaveable E-Z Mac Cups

Updated: Aug 18, 2023

A modern spin on the classic Kraft Blue Box Mac and Cheese. I have fond memories of subsisting on this stuff in college. It does a good job of replicating the flavor, texture and mouthfeel of the original version while being only a quick microwave journey away. That same love I held must be shared by toddlers across the world as this is a sure fire hit for them, driving a large part of the high score. The ease at which this "meal" can be on hand coupled with the consistency of toddler consumption inflates the grade to high tiers. However, with that promise of simplicity and quickness comes its greatest flaw.

Following the directions exactly will often result in water spewing everywhere in the microwave. Prudent parents should not to cover the cup with a paper towel to prevent mayhem. Also, the 3:30 cook time is just a portion of the total time needed to prepare. What comes out of the microwave is a ridiculously hot mixture of water and noodles. Users, really need to wait at least a good 5 minutes before it settles into a reasonable eating temperature. Closer to 10 minutes for most toddler's more sensitive tongues. Still faster than going through the whole shebang of boiling water and cooking pasta though.

Overall a great staple for all but not without it's logistical flaws.

Johanna Rating: 5/5 Yummys

Likes: Yellow, Sticky, Yummy, Small

Daddy Rating: 8/10

Pros: Quick, Toddler Approved, Relatively tasty for adults

Cons: Creates a watery mess in the microwave, Comes out piping hot and requires advance planning to cool down for toddlers. Not healthy (but isn't that all mac and cheese?)


You can get Kraft EZ Mac cups pretty much anywhere, but use the amazon link below for that Bezos Bucks.

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