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I got a mom cut and I fucking love it

Updated: Jun 26, 2023


And I fucking love it.

So like most moms I had experienced thick lustrous hair during my pregnancy followed by postpartum hair loss that made me question if I would go bald.

But other than the good hair pregnancy did a pretty good job of wrecking me. By the end of my pregnancy I had gained a whopping 50 lbs. Finding out I'm pregnant during the beginning of the covid pandemic didn't do me any favors but neither did those Philly cheese steaks I ate in my third trimester.

My water broke unexpectedly at 38 weeks. It was actually my last day at work before I was to begin my maternity leave. What was planned to be a natural birth quickly turned into an emergency c-section, after baby was showing signs of distress during induction. It was a terrifying time for me but I had good doctors and baby and I ended up just fine. Thankfully.

That being said recovering from a cesarean is no joke. Although I have heard some vaginal

delivery stories that make me glad my baby was born via c-section.

I couldn't sit up without help for 6 weeks. I was also scared if I sneezed my insides might come out. I knew that wasn't logical but none the less I was afraid. I also lost feeling in most of my lower pelvic area. It was almost a year before I got feeling back completely. Two years before I regained enough ab strength to do a proper sit up.

I lost 23 lbs in the first 3 weeks after birth but that was mostly fluid. I was breast feeding but struggling to produce. And my body still needed time to heal before I could do any type of exercise. I was still having PTSD-type flash backs to delivery too. And taking care of a newborn is a 24 hr job even with a supportive partner and family.

I was not a snap-back type of mama. It took me two years of counting calories, fad dieting (even taking diet pills) and exercising to get the back to my pre-pregnancy weight. I do plan to discuss more of my weight loss journey in more detail in a future posts.

I held on to my hair thinking it would hide my weight gain. Looking back on old pictures I wish I would have cut those straggly tendrils off sooner. Now that I've shed the pounds and the locks I'm loving me more than ever. I think I've never looked better. It's a great feeling to have considering I feared my peak was long behind me. All down hill from here.

We have all seen the SNL skits about Mom Hair. However this fresh start just makes sense. And we have all heard the Karen jokes. But there is something to be said about being able to blend in behind enemy lines. Am I right?

Bottom line.

Stigmas be damned. This low maintenance chop can be sexy and trendy. It doesn't have to give Kate Plus Eight. If you are considering the chop I would urge you to pay no mind to labels and do what makes you feel best. And you could always try wigs if you want a longer style. What have you really got to lose? Go for it girl. You do you!

I woke up like this.


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