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Sup? Welcome to my Mommy Blog.

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

Hi! My name is Tiffany and I am a 35 year old wife, mother, dog mom and market research professional from Atlanta. We are a bicultural family. My husband Jonathan, also 35 is a first generation Taiwanese American. (We are set to visit Taiwan this year and I couldn't be more excited.) Our daughter Johanna, Jo for short, is 2 and is the best thing to ever happen to us both. And we are currently trying for baby #2!

Why am I starting a blog? My main motivation is just having a place to tell jokes, reflect and share my thoughts but I'm also hoping to find a tribe of like-minded moms. Becoming a mother has been wonderful overall, but it's not all hearts and rainbows. It can be really isolating and easy to loose yourself. But if I'm being truthful, I really need a damn hobby that's just for me!

What should readers expect? This is NOT going to be a glamorous "perfect mom" blog. I intend for this blog to be real, raw and messy. My goal is to at least write one post a week to get started. That being said here is an ever expanding list of topics I plan to cover in this blog.

  • How Hubs and I Met, A Tinderella Story

  • What's it like to be a part of a bicultural family in America?

  • Just Married! A Guide to a Glamorous Courthouse Wedding

  • TTC Baby #2 at 35 with PCOS

  • Should I get "The Cut"?

  • Favorite "Mommy Time" Indulgences

  • How I Lost 50lbs Postpartum

  • Potty Training Chronicles

  • Planning For Our Family Trip to Taiwan

  • Gun, Guns, Guns

Thanks for reading!


Our First Professional Family Photo 2021

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