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TTC at 35 with PCOS

Updated: Aug 18, 2023

TTC: trying to conceive

Oh and I just found out I am being laid off. :(

Why do I mention this? Well, during my preconception visit with my OBGYN, she mentioned that the first 3 months after you stop taking birth control are the best times to conceive. This is cycle number 2.

My first cycle off of birth control was a normal 30 days. I had good signs of ovulation.

I had started temping and testing for ovulation. Jonathan even bought me NA beer to help prepare. We were ready but no luck. Aunt Flow came right on time.

Cycle 2 started out hopeful for me but then I was informed I was being laid off along with 10% of the company. I was understandably upset by the situation and anxious about the effect losing my job could have on my family. I'm certain the unexpected stress affected my body. I felt like it stalled and I never ovulated. Aunt Flow was 8 days late to her monthly visit but I had no real hope of actually being pregnant.

Before the loss of my job our plan was for me to not return to work after maternity leave for our second child. Now with this unexpected change we are left to ponder our options.

However, let me just say that I am so thankful and aware that not all mothers have the support system I have, nor have the option of being able to stay at home with their children. And no shame to all the working moms out there rocking a career and raising your family. Whether you're a SAHM or a Working mom remember you fucking rule. And the kids are alright.

For me I have always wanted to be a SAHM. I have long fantasied of being one of those Montessori, Instagram moms. Yes, I am aware that real life is not curated and being a SAHM is WORK. I think my daughter and I would both thrive though.

After reviewing finances together we are considering the option.

It has been nice having time to focus on my family and catch up on needed housework. I have been able to cook most meals for us, exercise almost daily, and even do some crafts with Jonathan.

Check out these cute record dividers we made. I will share a how to later.***

Since I'm 35 and do have PCOS I am trying to keep my stress levels down and make healthy choices. I still need to lose 15 lbs from my last pregnancy to be at a healthy BMI. Since I was able to conceive Johanna naturally, we are also giving it a shot for baby number two. Although I am not so sure how many more cycles I will be willing wait before seeking fertility treatment.

Johanna is currently 2 1/2 and we would ideally like to give her a sibling sooner rather than later. As a couple we have discussed fertility treatments and aren't sure if we would be willing to go as far as doing IVF. For me I think it is a mix of the enormous expense. A sense of shame for being greedy and wanting another miracle baby. Or the worry of what if it doesn't work? Can I even emotionally handle that? That's the intrusive thought I've been managing to keep at bay so far. But for how long?

If you got this far thanks for sticking with me. My TTC journey is something I plan to continue to write about in future posts. Also if you have any questions or experiences you would like to share about PCOS or anything please comment or email.

Here is a list of products I'm currently using on my journey. If anyone is interested.

Premom app for tracking my temps and ovulation tests.

*basal thermometer*

*ritual prenatal vitamins*

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